SanDisk SDLF1CRR-019T-1HA1 1.92TB SATA 6Gb s CloudSpeed Eco Gen II Brown Box
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Part number: SDLF1CRR-019T-1HA1 Manufacturer: SanDisk
SanDisk SDLF1CRR-019T-1HA1 1.92TB SATA 6Gb s CloudSpeed Eco Gen II Brown Box
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    General Information
    SanDisk Corporation
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Manufacturer Website
    Manufacturer Website Address
    Brand Name
    Product Line
    CloudSpeed Eco
    Product Name
    CloudSpeed Eco Gen. II, 2.5" SATA SSD
    Marketing Information
    Hyperscale Data Center Flash Storage

    Cloud service providers - SaaS, IaaS and PaaS - require high performing, scalable storage in order to serve rich data services, applications and mobile apps. To help enable cloud service providers achieve multi-petabyte while reducing data center footprint, SanDisk offers CloudSpeed Eco™ Gen. II SATA SSD - up to 2TB** storage capacity.

    Designed specifically for the demanding requirements of hyperscale data centers that manage multi-petabytes of storage growth, this SDD delivers highly reliable data throughput, data integrity & protection mechanisms, and better flash endurance.

    The CloudSpeed Eco Gen. II SATA SSD is optimized for read-intensive application workloads that include: media streaming, video on demand (VOD), photo sharing, cloud computing, social media content repositories, web servers, large image file, analytics and data warehousing, and web-based applications. This flash storage solution works within existing infrastructure - SATA interface - and can replace hard disk drives for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and better data center efficiency.

    Photo Sharing

    Photo sharing has become a major workload for social media sites - and for many email users. Initially, photos must be stored - but later accesses involve reading, rather than writing, the data on storage media. The longer the photo has been stored, the less frequently it is accessed, usage studies show. This is why archiving is important, while ensuring quick and easy access at a later time. SanDisk flash storage preserves the data on non-volatile memory for later retrieval - and provides high capacity that can be leveraged by service providers storing the photo images.

    Introducing the CloudSpeed Eco™ Gen. II 2TB SATA SSD for
    Cloud Services
    Web Servers

    SSDs support Internet traffic that enters the data center for processing by avoiding I/O bottlenecks. This enables fast processing by cloud service
    providers and accelerates end-to-end Web-enabled workloads.

    Media Streaming

    Flash storage supports high data transfer rates for the large datasets that are generated for movies, videos, and music and distributed via broadcast and the Internet. Flash also supports faster animation rendering and image-painting and enhances performance with near-real-time results

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing infrastructure is generally scale-out infrastructure, involving hundreds or thousands of small servers, arranged in a grid, cluster, or array. Applications and data are distributed across the cloud computing infrastructure-and software guides the motion of virtual machines (VMs) across distributed server resources in the cloud data center. SanDisk flash storage enables high performance for cloud computing workloads and ensures efficient processing for applications

    Video on Demand

    Video on Demand (VOD) is accessed by PCs, smartphones, and entertainment HD-TVs or tablets. It allows users to access video from virtually any device instantly; and it gives media companies the ability to serve thousands of users simultaneously.

    Product Type
    Solid State Drive
    Additional Product Specifications
    Full Product Specifications
    Technical Information
    Storage Capacity
    1.92 TB
    Drive Performance
    Maximum Read Transfer Rate
    530 MB/s
    Maximum Write Transfer Rate
    460 MB/s
    Drive Interface
    Drive Interface Standard
    Physical Characteristics
    Drive Type
    Drive Width
    0.3" (7.2 mm)
    2.8" (69.9 mm)
    3.9" (100.2 mm)
    Device Support
    Storage System
    Device Supported
    Storage System
    Standard Warranty
    5 Year
    Limited Warranty
    5 Year