OCZ SSD IT3RSK41ET5H0-1920 1920GB Intrepid 3700 Retail
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Part number: IT3RSK41ET5H0-1920 Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
OCZ SSD IT3RSK41ET5H0-1920 1920GB Intrepid 3700 Retail
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    General Information
    OCZ Storage Solutions, Inc.
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Manufacturer Website
    Manufacturer Website Address
    Brand Name
    OCZ Storage Solutions
    Product Line
    Intrepid 3000
    Product Model
    Product Name
    Intrepid 3000 - SATA 3.0 Enterprise SSD
    Marketing Information
    Maximize, Optimize, and Modernize with Quick and Reliable Data Access

    Intrepid 3000 SSDs overcome today's data integrity and performance inconsistency challenges and enable you to flash-optimize your business or application seamlessly and with complete confidence. With an advanced enterprise-grade feature-set, Intrepid delivers leading performance, endurance, and reliability ideal for mega data centers and makers of storage appliances.

    Essential to most business applications is efficient, predictable performance. Intrepid's enhanced latency access reveals a faster and more responsive storage environment for your IT applications. With ever shrinking flash nodes, endurance and reliability are always a concern. Through innovative flash management technology, Intrepid significantly improves endurance and data integrity above and beyond the specifications of the flash itself leading to superior total cost of ownership.

    Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, Intrepid doesn't make you choose between value and features - Intrepid delivers class-leading enterprise storage where optimum performance backed by high endurance and reliability are critical.

    Worry-free Power Loss Protection

    Full in-flight data protection in the event of a sudden power failure ensures in-progress write operations complete and data is properly stored

    Dependable Data Redundancy

    Internal SSD RAID functionality provides additional safeguards to supplement traditional ECC algorithms and further reduce uncorrectable bit error rates

    Enhanced Data Reliability

    Advanced ECC is more robust and reliable than traditional ECC algorithms enabling four Drive Writes Per Day (3800 series) or one DWPD (3600 + 3700 series) for a five year period

    End-to-End Data Path Protection

    Performs data integrity checks at every juncture where data is transmitted and received to ensure corrupted data is detected and not propagated

    Product Type
    Solid State Drive
    Technical Information
    Storage Capacity
    1.88 TB
    Encryption Standard
    Drive Performance
    Maximum Read Transfer Rate
    540 MB/s
    Maximum Write Transfer Rate
    470 MB/s
    Drive Interface
    Drive Interface Standard
    Physical Characteristics
    Drive Type
    Drive Width
    Device Support
    Device Supported