An Important Announcement
from Fraser Valley Office Supplies and Mike's Computer Shop

After having served businesses in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland for over 3 years, Fraser Valley Office Supplies has ceased operations and transferred its client base to Mike’s Computer Shop to provide more products, enhanced services, and a more robust experience to its customers.

This transition is slated to be effective January 1, 2015, and will serve to create a net benefit to all parties involved – most importantly you the customer!

About Mike’s Computer Shop

Mike’s Computer Shop is a 100% locally owned and operated organization that has been providing high quality products and superior service to customers across the Lower Mainland for more than 10 years.

They started with a specialization in computers and related products and services, and in 2011 expanded their offering to include all levels of office and productivity supplies. Mike’s Computer Shop has continually invested in itself and its supply chain, and is currently able to offer its customer close to a 1,000,000 different products at extremely competitive pricing.

Today, Mike’s Computer Shop has three store-front locations with over 30 employees, including a dedicated Business Solutions Team, focused on providing aggressive pricing and superior service to business and institutional customers. Mike’s Computer Shop is able to provide a small-business, personalized feel, while still being backed by extremely powerful logistics and competitive pricing.

What this Means for You

Your pricing levels will be the same, or better than what you are receiving now. If you notice that something is not quite right, just ask your Account Manager and your request will be resolved right away.


Not only will ALL of the same office supply products be available, but you will have access a vast array of comparable items, plus the added bonus of total office technology and productivity solutions.


Mike’s Computer Shop has developed a very sophisticated online product and ordering system that gives you access to real time pricing and availability to hundreds of thousands of products located in warehouses across the country, with next-day delivery always available.


Like Fraser Valley Office Supplies, Mike’s Computer Shop has built the lion’s share of its business on the backbone of superior product knowledge and customer service. You will be receiving contact information very shortly from a Mike’s Computer Shop representative that will be dedicated to your account. The staff at Fraser Valley Office Supplies will be available through this transitioning time to ensure that customer service remains priority #1.

Next Steps

As we have your information on hand already, it is likely that we have set up an account in our system for you to purchase through. Fraser Valley Office Supplies and Mike’s Computer Shop are committed to making this an easy and painless transition and staff members are available to field any questions or concerns that you may have regarding this process – we have included contact information below.

We thank you for the years that we have been able to work together and value the knowledge that you have selected us, out of the numerous options available, to be your partner when it comes to office supplies. This new chapter of our relationship should serve to be beneficial to everyone concerned.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mike's Computer Shop

Tina Knowlan, Account Manager

Fraser Valley Office Supplies

Corey Jong, President
Account Setup

Instead of a username, Mike's Computer Shop uses your email address to identify your account. If you were already logging in to FVOS with your email address, all you need to do is set a password for your MCS login.

Please click here to set your password.

If you don't use your email to log in to FVOS, we'll need your email address in order to complete the setup of your MCS account. Please contact Tina Knowlan - your new Account Manager - and she'll be happy to help!